COMP 101 Fall 2017


The objective of this course is to introduce students to computers and technology. Rather than rote learning of how to do things, the student will learn to understand how things work and will therefore be able to continue growing skills beyond the course. As a Quantitative Reasoning (QR) course, a key objective of this course is to teach the student how to analyze problems and attack them in a logical sequence of steps. This is a skill that will be worked on throughout the semester.

The primary technologies that will be taught are those used for web page development.

Lectures are accompanied by a significant number of resources, including presentation slides, code examples, reference materials and videos. These materials will be posted before the beginning of class. In addition, there is a single directory of the snippets and samples.

Following each lecture are lab exercises that must be completed within class. Cooperation among students to understand the content is encouraged, but each student will turn in each lab. In order to encourage students to work with different students who may become their partners, we encourage students to change seats several times at the beginning of the semester.


The software used in this class is either open source software or software available to all students. The open source software has the advantage that you will be able to continue using it after you finish school. The other software used is Microsoft Excel. This software is available to all students based on your payment of student fees. Any student, whether they purchased their computer at UNC or not, can go to an ITS Response Center location and have any Microsoft product they have available installed on their computer at no cost. You are REQUIRED to use the identified software.

Class Meetings


There are two sections of the class. The material in both of them will be identical and if you on occasion need to attend the other section, that is not a problem. Because the two sections are kept synchronized, the rule is that if one section ic cancelled, so is the other. The most likely reason this might occur is inclement weather or events such as University Day. If the university were to have a delayed opening until 10, for example, neither section will meet.

Office Hours

Office hours are intended to be one-on-one help sessions. You should be using office hours when you have specific questions. Most of the time, students use office hours when they have an assignment due that is not working. We also encourage you to use office hours when you have more general questions as well. TA office hours will be held in SN007. Professor office hours will be held in FB 146. Office hours are shown on the calendar below. Always check the calendar to confirm that there have been no last minute changes.