COMP 101 Spring 2015


Must Dos for All Labs, Assignments and Projects

class date topic references lab, assignment
Thurs, Jan 8 introduction to the course and how the web works
Tues, Jan 13 HTML markup class exercise: mark up Primates text in codepen
Tues, Jan 20 CSS
  • Lab 1: using the Primates file that you saved in the last class (or get it from here, add CSS to change
    1. the background color of the page
    2. the font style and size used on the page
    3. the width of the page to be centered at 80% of the window
    4. the first letter of every list item to be capitalized and twice the size of the rest
    5. the color of the footer text and to right align it
  • install Komodo Editor, Filezilla and Chrome before class on Thursday
Thurs, Jan 22 creating a web page, external style sheets and validation class exercise: put Primates on the web
student video
Sat, Jan 24 Assignment 1: Lighthouses (text to HTML and CSS; match a page)
Tues, Jan 27 box models Lab 2: Elections (box model)
Thurs, Jan 29 links and anchor points Lab 3: course home page (links)
Sat, Jan 31 Project 1: Using Computers
Mon, Feb 2 Project 1 Critiques: (due 11:59 pm): assignments and key and doc for posting (as well as Sakai)
Tues, Feb 3 formatting in context (classes) Lab 4: Easter Island (classes)
Thurs, Feb 5 colors and images Lab 5: Images
Sat, Feb 7 Assignment 2: Casey at the Bat
Tues, Feb 10 multipage sites and page design Powerpoint Lab 6: February Holidays (navigation bar)
Thurs, Feb 12 EXAM
Tues, Feb 17 SNOW DAY
Thurs, Feb 19 exam review Solutions and Grades
Tues, Feb 24 Lab 7: Floats (float)
Thurs, Feb 26 SNOW DAY
Sat, Feb 28 Project 2: Event, Holiday, or Activity
Tues, Mar 3 Project 2 Critiques: (due 12:30 pm): assignments and doc for posting (as well as Sakai)
Tues, Mar 3 tables Lab 8: Calendar (tables)
Thurs, Mar 5 Project 2 Revision
Thurs, Mar 5 positional (DOM) formatting and using Excel for tables Lab 9: National Parks (DOM, table from Excel)
Fri, Mar 6 Assignment 3: Planets (Tables)
Tues, Mar 17 multimedia and widgets Lab 10: Fun (multimedia, widgets)
Thurs, Mar 19 intro to javaScript Lab 11: People (jsfiddle and alerts)
Sat, Mar 21 Assignment 4: March Madness (multimedia and javaScript)
Tues, Mar 24 forms Lab 12: Weather (forms)
Thurs, Mar 26 functions Lab 13: Text (jsbin, console, and functions)
Sat, Mar 28 Project 3: Place
Tues, Mar 31 Project 3 Critiques: (due 12:30 pm): assignments and doc for posting (as well as Sakai)
Tues, Mar 31 writing to the page Lab 14: Buttons, Buttons (JavaScript write to page)
Thurs, Apr 2 Project 3 Revision
Thurs, Apr 2 functions with returns no lab today
Tues, Apr 7 conditionals Lab 15: BMI (JavaScript with conditional)
Thurs, Apr 9 EXAM (Study Guide)
Tues, Apr 14 arrays, random, date Lab 16: Koozebane (JavaScript random and arrays)
Thurs, Apr 16 exam review solutions
Sat, Apr 18 Assignment 5: Calculator (JavaScript)
Tues, Apr 21 onLoad and getElement Lab 17: Koozebane Revisited (onLoad and getElementbyId)
Thurs, Apr 23 scope and canvas Lab 18: Raise the Flag (HTML Canvas)
Fri, Apr 24 Extra Credit: COMP 101 Concepts due at midnight
Project Form due at 5 pm
Sat, Apr 25 Assignment 6: About a Country (GetElementById, random, canvas)
Fri, May 1 Section 2 Final Exam at noon: WEBSITES
Mon, May 4 Section 1 Final Exam at noon: WEBSITES