COMP 101 Spring 2015


Spreadsheet for Computing Your Grade

In order to help students track their grades, a spreadsheet is posted on the website that will allow them to track their progress. This spreadsheet may be updated throughout the semester as the number of assignments, projects, and labs change.

While I always abide by the "decade" division for letter grades (90 or greater is at least an A-, 80 or greater is at least a B-, etc.), I will often adjust the + and - divisions based on class performance. Therefore this spreadsheet does not do that final letter translation. I will update it for that function at the end of the semester.


All assignments and projects in this course are designed to be worked on in teams of 3. You may work in pairs or individually, but there is no reduction in the assignment. All members of the team will be given the same grade. Each member's name must appear on the page. Two identical pages submitted separately with different names on them are assumed to be plagiarism. Two identical pages submitted separately with both names on them are assumed to be a double submission.

While working together on labs to understand concepts is encouraged, all labs are checked off individually.

Submitting Work

All assignments and projects will be turned in by posting on the UNC web site under your onyen with the name that is given in the assignment. Labs will be posted the same way or through CodePen or jsFiddle (free websites that we will be using; you will be asked to sign up for free accounts on these sites). Peer critiques of websites will be posted to Sakai and that time stamp will determine when they were submitted. Each student will maintain a web page that links to all their work; we will build this as soon as we have learned all of the needed tools. All team members will receive the same grade. For assignments associated with a spreadsheet, the spreadsheet will be linked from the web page.

Assignments and projects are generally due at midnight on Saturday. They must be posted properly. If it is not properly posted, it is not there and is given a 0. Grades and comments will be returned through Sakai. We will be learning to use validation tools for web pages and all assignments and labs must validate WITHOUT errors. There will be a significant penalty for validation errors: 25% of the grade. Validation errors will be able to be corrected for the price of 2 late days (see late day policy). Revalidation is the only correction that will be allowed, but it must be done within 48 hours of the time the assignment or project is returned. Challenges to deductions must also be made within the same 48 hours. Both of these requests need to have the appropriate google form submitted.

Grade Allocation

Category Percentage
Labs 25
Tests 15
Assignments 20
Projects 25
Project reviews 5
Final Project 10

Components of your grade in this course are:


If your project or assignment fails to validate, you can accept the 25% deduction or correct the problems and resubmit. A resubmission will earn your points back but will cost you 2 late days. (See below for specifics on the late policy.) For both revalidation or challenges about grading, you have 48 hours to submit the google form to request reconsideration.

Late Policy

We will count the number of days assignments and projects are late. The submission time is the time that the google form is submitted. A day is 24 hours. You will be given 3 free late days. Beyond the 3, your final grade will be reduced by the number of late days. Example: if you accumulate 8 late days, you will be given a pass on the first 3, but your final grade will be reduced by 5 points. In case of illness, accident, and family emergencies that are requested through the google form in a timely fashion, late days need not be used. Late submissions will not be graded unless they are submitted through the google form.