COMP 575: Fall 2015

Introduction to Computer Graphics



Lecture Notes

Class FAQ   Introduction   The Raster   Rectangles   Matrices   Clipping   Gradients   Stroking  

External Sites

Our Piazza Site   Olde School Color (1)   Olde School Color (2)   PREMUL   Compositing   Multiple Theories (1)   Multiple Theories (2)   AntiAliasing   AntiAliasing-Geometric  

Good Books

The Mythical Man-Month   Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance   The Art of Computer Programming  


Assignemt Due Results
PA0 Aug 27 Custom Images
PA1 Sept 10
PA2 Sept 22
PA3 Oct 8
PA4 Oct 22
PA5 Nov 10
PA6 Nov 24
FINAL Dec 10, 8am