Bacteria Busters is an augmented reality game with the purpose of encouraging UNC Children’s Hospital patients to get out of bed and move through the hospital. These patients are between the ages of 9 and 13 and have Cystic Fibrosis or Cancer. The game is paired with image target stickers that will trigger the presence of bacteria/monsters when held against the AR camera. Players can cast spells against the monsters and destroy them. Upon monster destruction, tokens will appear in place of the monster and can be collected to increase points. Once players have enough points they unlock another level (up to five) and can use more powerful wands. Players can compare their scores on a leader board where points are sorted by points and then time. Bacteria Busters is built on a Android mobile device using Vuforia Augmented Reality Software Development Kit.


Goal of the game:
We are working on a project with UNC Children’s Hospital to create an AR experience that encourages patients to get out of bed and move through the hospital.

Using AR, patients will be encouraged to move throughout the hospital and interact with virtual content in an effort to get them out of the bed. We will use gaming concepts such as competition/leaderboards and wand and token collection to encourage participation.


You can find the link to our software design document here. You can find the link to our game design document here.



  • Client Contact: Mailiis
  • Instructor Contact: Em
  • Project Manager: Nathan
  • Editor: Yang Xiao
  • Game Design Architect: Mailiis
  • Software Architect: Em


  • Meet deadlines
  • Meet in person
  • Update team members on time conflicts
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Check in with client
  • Be nice to each other
  • Check slack regularly

Contact Info & Meeting Schedule

Contact info

  • Client: Steven King
  • Team:
    Em Barnard-Shao (828-707-4426
    Nathan Tsegai (704-756-4686
    Yang Xiao (919-360-4862
    Mailiis Law (919-931-7759


  • Instructor meetings: Mondays at 2pm
  • Client meetings: Fridays 1pm
  • Team meetings: Fridays 12pm