Department of 
Computer Science

Stephen F. Weiss (Photo © by Alex Treml)

Steve Weiss Wins Teaching Award

Stephen F. Weiss

Professor and Chairman
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

One of 16 winners of

The Board of Governors Award
for Excellence in Teaching

Awarded 11 April 1997
at the George Watts Hill Alumni Center, Chapel Hill, N.C.

On the wall of Stephen Weiss's office hangs a framed photograph of Mr. Wizard, the 1950s television personality who first piqued his interest in science. Like his childhood role model, Weiss is admired and envied for his imaginative use of ordinary props to illustrate complex ideas and his remarkable ability to explain difficult technical concepts. Observes a colleague: "He does the impossible: make a class of 100 seem like an intimate gathering in someone's living room." A vocal proponent of the use of technology in learning, Weiss was the first UNC-Chapel Hill instructor to bring personal computers into the classroom. As department chairman, he has refused to allow research to overshadow teaching and has created a Teaching Tune-up Committee that observes and critiques new and tenured faculty alike. A member of the UNC-Chapel Hill faculty since 1970, Weiss graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and holds master's and doctoral degrees from Cornell University. He has won several campus teaching awards.

"He loves to see the 'YES' lightbulb go on in a student's head" - a student

About the Board of Governors Award
The Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching was established to "underscore the importance of teaching and to encourage, identify, recognize, reward, and support good teaching within the University..." Sixteen people receive awards--one from each of the 16 schools in the University of North Carolina system.

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Posted: 25 April 1997