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Computer Scientists Receive Grant to work on Supercomputer
Posted: 10 December 1997

Two researchers in the Department of Computer Science at UNC-Chapel Hill have received a grant from Cray Research Inc. and the N.C. Supercomputing Center through a program that provides research and development support to North Carolina faculty, graduate students and research associates in computational science and engineering.

Dr. Siddhartha Chatterjee, assistant professor, and Dr. Jan Prins, associate professor, are the principal investigators of the project. The grant provides research time on the Cray supercomputers at NCSC and support for a graduate student working on the project. UNC-Chapel Hill computer science graduate student Brian Blount has been named a 1998 Cray fellow.

Solving large simulation problems in science and engineering requires parallel computers, which perform concurrent rather than consecutive calculations. This allows for more complex computations and saves considerable time. Simulations requiring irregular computations cause problems for parallel computers. Chatterjee, Prins and Blount will experiment with a specific programming language for expressing nested data parallelism, a technique for accomplishing irregular computations on parallel computers.

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Posted: 10 December 1997