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IBM Corp. Gives Gifts for Internet Research
Posted: 3 December 1997

CHAPEL HILL -- Three professors in the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have received $120,000 from International Business Machines Corp. to conduct research on Internet and World Wide Web technology.

Kevin Jeffay, associate professor, Don Smith, research professor, and John B. Smith, professor, were awarded the funds through IBM's "University Partnership Program," which aims to encourage collaborations between university researchers and IBM technical professionals. IBM provides these highly competitive awards of cash and equipment to recognize the quality of the selected research programs and their importance to the computer industry.

Jeffay and Don Smith are developing methods to regulate the flow of data traffic through the Internet in order to reduce the effects of congestion. In much the same way that good designs for highway traffic signals and intersections can improve rush-hour travel times, these new methods for controlling data congestion on the Internet can improve the time it takes users to access e-mail, World Wide Web data or data in a business enterprise. The technology they are developing will help to enable the transmission of time-sensitive media, such as live audio and video, over the Internet for videoconferencing, distributed virtual environments, distance learning, and other applications.

John Smith, Don Smith, and graduate students Qian Li and Yufei Qian are building a system that is compatible with the World Wide Web and that will allow users to create and modify documents directly, to work collaboratively, and to reorganize data without breaking Web links among them. The system is written in the Java programming language and provides long-term storage of Java objects for different kinds of data.

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Posted: 3 December 1997