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OvalTine: Video Streams with First-Class Hyperlinks
One of the problems keeping video from being a fully first-class data component of hypermedia documents is the difficulty of treating the objects depicted in video as identifiable, linkable content. Rather, video tends to be manipulated as frames of pixels with no further subdivisions. When link markup is done on video streams, it is done manually frame-by-frame. We have been working with OvalTine, a system for tracking objects in video streams so that hypermedia link anchors can be associated with the objects in the video frames. Our earlier work with OvalTine presented object tracking in real-time streams (such as video conferences).
Additional Information:
"An Orthogonal Taxonomy for Hyperlink Anchor Generation in Video Streams Using OvalTine"

We are concentrating now on markup of archived data. We are showing how the OvalTine tracking system can be used to do automated link markup of stored video streams, allowing hypermedia structure to be generated and added to large digital libraries of video data.

Additional Information:
"Automated Link Markup for First-Class Hypervideo"

For more information, contact Dr. David Stotts.

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