Segmentation of 3D Medical Objects by Deformable M-reps

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All of the information on these pages is Copyright UNC, 2000. However, you may copy the movies to your local disk for your personal use and review them later. Consider getting the AVI versions instead for better quality and ease of insertion into PowerPoint presentations. For RP, get the .rm files here, not the .ram files.

Choose from among multiple sizes of each format, eg, RP(54K) means the file is 54K bytes and in RealPlayer format, AVI(2.2M) means a 2200K byte AVI file. The smaller files are downsampled from the larger ones. For RealPlayer, the server adapts the image quality to match your current connection speed, so for the best quality image, choose the largest file you have patience to watch.

No audio is used, so you won't disturb the person sitting in the next airplane seat. :)