JEE Generation Task List:

WSAD 5.1.2


  1. Create a Server and Server Configuration, if needed, including JAAS alias and DataSource
    Be sure JNDI name on Entity EJB Deployment Descriptor and that on DataSource match.  

  2. Add to the server environment any required jar files.  These are likely to include gesgen.jar, struts.jar, and the mysql driver jar file. if you are not using DB2

Individual Project Tasks

Entity EJB Project

  1. Edit Relationships (to generate navigation methods in beans).  If no relationships, remove relationships tag in Deployment Description  

  2. Generate EJB to RDB mapping:
    Be sure to specify Target DataBase, DataBase Name, and Scheme Name
    In the Mapping Editor, set DB column lengths and names as desired  

  3. Export mapping to DB Server:
    1. [Create database and schema, if they do not exist]
    2. Use Hierarchical View > DataBases
    3. Define Connection, if necessary
  4. Generate Deployment and RMIC Code

Domain Model Project

  1. Implement any non-CRUDS methods.

Session EJB Project

  1. Delete and redefine References (to force JNDI binding).  

  2. Generate Factory: add Access Bean (Java Bean Wrapper) to Deployment Descriptor  

  3. Generate Deployment and RMIC Code

Web Project

  1. Add Struts support :

    1. Properties>Web Project Features: select Add Struts Support and Standard and Utility tag libs
    2. Override default settings:  specify package prefix for Default Java package prefix  
  2. Update Struts mappings, if needed.

Multi-Project Tasks

  1. Implement non-CRUDS methods in any layers where needed, e.g., ModelDomain.  

  2. Implement any additional views, as needed.  

  3. Deploy application to the server:

    1. Select all of the projects, right click, and run on server
    2. Stop the server
    3. Open the server view, the Environment tab, and to the ws.ext.dirs panel add binary folders for each project
    4. Republish server