RPG Game Engine and Map Maker

Patrick Dwyer & Peter S. VanLund


    To create a role playing game without any visuals.


    We grew up playing RPG's.  There should be a Gaming Engine that reads out the events of the game instead of using text or visuals to display the actions.  In order to do this we created a Game Engine and a Map Maker.

Gaming Engine:

    We based our RPG game engine off of text-based Role Playing Games.  However, our engine does not print to the screen the actions that are taking place.  It simply reads out the events as they occur.  Therefore, people that have the ability to hear can easily play the game.  The Engine is a basically a huge state machine.  It reads in the user input and processes their action and acts accordingly.  However, our Game Engine only works on maps created in our Map Maker.

Map Maker:

    Our Map Maker helps create maps that the Game Engine can read in and set up for the user to play.  The Map Maker allows for a user to create different weapons, armor, items, creatures, friends, vendors, and even leprechauns.  Unfortunately, our Map Maker is not accessible for the visually impaired.  However, the Map Maker part of our project ensures that anyone who creates a map can easily play it using our Game Engine.  This fact makes are game easily extensible.  You can create an unlimited number of levels to play with characters and items that you name and give stats to.  You can even put in your own music.

Game Play:

Keyboard Input:

    spacebar: reads out your stats and the instructions for playing

    arrow keys up, down, right, and left: respectively move North, South, East, and West

    a: will attack an enemy

    r: will try to run away from an enemy

    s: will search a location

    d: will tell you which directions are open or which directions have been visited

    p: will use a potion

    f: will skip over speeches and dialogues

    y: signifies yes

    n: signifies no

    v: will save the game

    1,2, and 3: respectively signify 1, 2, and 3

Using the Map Maker:

Our game:

    Using the Game Engine and the Map Maker, we created our very own RPG.

    The Last Crusade