How to build a Communication Box


Building it:

  1. Download the circuit board design file: Download now
  2. Order circuit board
  3. While waiting for the board, drill holes for the speaker and microphone jacks in the project case, and insert jacks into the holes. Fix with glue if necessary.
  4. Clip battery into battery compartment
  5. When the board arrives, plug each chip into the appropriate labeled socket.
  6. Fix board into case.
  7. Attach the speaker and microphone jacks to the labelled sockets on the board
  8. Attach battery leads to socket marked Power
  9. Plug speaker and microphone into jacks.

Recording commands:

  1. Move jumper onto pin marked "R" to shift into record mode.
  2. To record, press the button you wish to assign and speak the command into the microphone.
  3. Repeat with each button.
  4. Move jumper back to pin labelled "P"
  5. You are now ready to train your dog!

Attaching to wheelchair: