How to build a treat dispenser!

Needed Supplies:


  1. Step one: eat all the candy!
  2. Cut two small holes across from each other about ĺ from the bottom in the gumball tube. The holes should be just larger than the diameter of the hex bolt.
  3. Cut a small hole, just larger than the treat, in the front of the gumball tube.
  4. Cut the M&Mís dispenser so it is about Ĺ the length of the gumball dispenser.
  5. Remove the bottom of the M&Mís dispenser and glue it to the bottom of the gumball dispenser.
  6. Paint the M&Mís dispenser.
  7. Place the M&Mís dispenser over the gumball dispenser.
  8. Fill gumball dispenser with treats (below the level of the holes).
  9. Attach hexbolt to the clamp.
  10. Place rubber washer, then dispenser, then washer, then end nut on washer.
  11. Attach apparatus to wheelchair.