Visualization Challenges in Internet Traffic Research

by Bárbara González-Arévalo, Félix Hernández-Campos, J. S. Marron, and Cheolwoo Park

This web page presents an extended of results for our paper. You can download the latest preprint here. Please note that this is work in progress.

The work in this paper builds upon ideas and results presented in a previous paper:

J. S. Marron, F. Hernández-Campos, and F. D. Smith (2002).
Mice and Elephants Visualization of Network Traffic,
In Proceedings of CompStat 2002, W. Härdle, B. Rönz (Eds.), Springer, Berlin, 47-54.

(click above to download a preprint and access the extended results web page for this paper.)

From Section 3.1 Windowed Biased Sampling

These movies explore the effect of changing the subwindow size:

From Section 3.2 Box-Cox Biased Sampling

This movie illustrates the increase in the number of elephants increases as the value of \lambda goes from 1 to 0:

From Section 4 Quantile Window Sampling

These movies display consecutive subsets (5,000 samples) of the population of responses:

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