This module demonstrates how to release GENI resources once you have completed a module.

Tutorial Time: 5 minutes


Upon completing this module you will:

  • Be able to delete your GENI resources.


A. Create a Slice on GENI Portal

1. Return to the GENI Portal (http://portal.geni.net) and log in if necessary.

2. If the page with information about your slice is not open, click Home at the top of the page, and then click on your slice name.

3. In the manage resources section check the box next to InstaGENI, then click Delete Resources. This will delete all of your InstaGENI resources. If you have reserved other resources besides InstaGENI nodes you can select those as well (or click select all).

4. Click Delete Resources again on the following page to confirm. Next, you will see the progress of deleting any resources at the various aggregates. Once completed, all the resources for this slice have been deleted, and can now be allocated to other users.