UNC-CH/ CS/ Mechanized Inference/ Technical Reports

TR94-051 Semantically Guided First-Order Theorem Proving with Hyper-Linking
Heng Chu (doctoral dissertation)

TR92-009 CLIN User's Manual
Heng Chu, Shie-Jiu Lee

TR92-008 SPRFN User's Manual
Xumin Nie

TR91-027 Applications of Unskolemization
Ritu Chadhu (doctoral dissertation)

TR90-032 Eliminating Duplication with the Hyper-Linking Strategy
Shie-Jue Lee and David A. Plaisted

TR90-029 CLIN: An Automated Reasoning System Using Clause Linking
Shie-Jue Lee (doctoral dissertation)

TR90-022 Inference by Clause Linking
David A. Plaisted and Shie-Jue Lee

TR89-044 Automatic Theorem Proving In Problem Reduction Formats
Xumin Nie (doctoral dissertation)

TR89-015 Application of Explanation-Based Generalization in Theorem Proving
Xumin Nie and David A. Plaisted

TR89-004 Refinements to Depth-first Iterative Deepening Search
Xumin Nie and David A. Plaisted

TR89-001 A Semantic Variant of the Modified Problem Reduction Format
Xumin Nie and David A. Plaisted

TR87-028 Implementation Notes on SPRFN-- A Natural Deduction Theorem Prover
Xumin Nie and David Plaisted

TR87-027 Some Experimental Results on Dynamic Subgoal Reordering
Xumin Nie and David Plaisted

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