Department of Computer Science at UNC - Equipment Inventory List

This web page is an inventory list of the equipment kept in the Department of Computer Science at UNC.  This list is by no means complete, but items will be added and amended to as time progresses.  Some special notes have been made about the different columns in the list below, so please take the time to read them.

The first column in this table indicates the "sticker number".  Stickers have been placed on the items listed here, and a number has been written on them (they are occasionally hard to read, but the numbers should be on there).  The number appearing on the sticker corresponds with the number shown in the first column of this list.

If you cannot find a certain piece of equipment in this list, take a look at the company name of the product you wish to find.  This equipment list is sorted by company name, making that the easiest way to go about finding the product you are looking for.  In the future, a version of this table sorted by sticker number will be provided.

Due to the location of and the size of some of the items listed here, serial numbers and other such information was unattainable. Cells left blank in this table indicate that the information is not currently available.  If you happen to find any of the information that is not included here, please let me know.

The UNC ID # column is not as up to date as it should be for some items.  Several items had ID tags on them, but the most recent tags (i.e. the light blue tags) were not available.  The most recent ID tag number is shown.

There are still some items that do not have a product description, and a few items were not correct the first time around.  If you find any corrections in this area of this list, let me know.

Revision History is located at the bottom of this page (mostly for my purposes, but you can look if you like).  :-)

Jonah Bishop

No. Company Product Description, Model # Serial # UNC ID #
26 Acopian 51212T6
30 Black Box 925601488
16 Compliance Design Inc. ESD 1000 Charge Reservoir; ESD Simulator 379370
3 CTE Cable Hound SN-2130
34 Cuda Products Corp.
83 Electro Scientific Industries Video Bridge R21008832100 379374
81 FTS Systems Air-Jet PAC-6-85-54 345073
42 GGB Industries Picoprobe
17 HP Pulse Generator, 8011A 1452A-13085 122928
4 HP Multimeter, 3457A 2538A-0114 379366
20 HP Spectrum Analyzer, 8555A
28 HP 500 MHz Pulse Generator, 8131A 379367
29 HP Synthesizer/Function Generator, 3325A
33 HP Universal Counter, 53132A 3736A05744
41 HP Triple Output Power Supply, 6235A 6235A 122927
44 HP Oscilloscope, 1332A 1332A
45 HP Oscilloscope (Same as Above), 1332A 1332A
46 HP Network Spectrum Analyzer, 4195A 2904J01451 379388
47 HP Triple Output DC Power Supply, E3630A 6235A 122927
48 HP 15 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 33120A US36007234
49 HP Nanovolt/Micro Ohm Meter, 34420A US36000578
51 HP Probe Control and Power Module, 1142A US34511812
52 HP Probe Control and Power Module, 1142A US34511806
55 HP Deep Memory Logic Analyzer, 1672D US37420220
60 HP Triple Output Power Supply, 6236B 2140A-09675 345056
61 HP Pulse/Function Generator 50MHz, 8116A 3134G-12617 303154
62 HP DC Power Supply, 6024A 2129A-01238 345055
64 HP Signal Generator, 8656B 3208U10977 379278
66 HP Network Analyzer, 8753D 3410A04332 379359
71 HP Triple Output DC Power Supply, E3630A KR75312746
74 HP Spectrum Analyzer - RF Section, 8555A 1218A-03366
75 HP Spectrum Analyzer - RF Section, 8555A 1337A-07183
77 HP Triple Output Power Supply, 6236B 2140A-09676 345060
78 HP Triple Output Power Supply, E3630A KR75312760
80 HP Pulse Generator, 8012B 2325A-15867 345070
85 HP DC Power Supply, 6515A 1543A03453
86 HP Triple Output Power Supply, 6235A 2005A02627 122926
87 HP Triple Output DC Power Supply, E3630A
88 HP Triple Output Power Supply, 6235A 2005A-03896 345187
89 HP Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 54542C US36040456
90 HP Logic Analysis System, 16500B US34513897
91 HP Triple Output Power Supply, 6235A 2005A-03895 133327
18 ICS Special IEEE 488 Bus Controller 601199 345065
7 INMAC Data Strike - Media Eraser, 7180 74362
43 Keithley Autoranging Picoammeter 315326
63 Keithley Voltage/Current Source 274037 379369
72 Lambda Regulated Power Supply - Triple Output C04317
73 Lambda Regulated Power Supply A7777
76 Lambda Regulated Power Supply - Triple Output C04285
39 Nikon Microscope 379383
50 Olympus Microscope
53 Olympus Highlight 3000 400456
65 Olympus Microscope
37 Power Switching Power Supply A 0013848
68 Power Mate Corp. Regulated Power Supply CC00311
35 Powerstat Variable Transformer
32 Shortridge Instruments Inc.
19 SOLA Constant Voltage Transformer
36 Stayco Energy Product Co.
1 Tektronix Square Battery Charger, THS 730
2 Tektronix Oscilloscope, 213 DMM B044884 122207
8 Tektronix 400 MHz (P6246) & 1GHz (P6247) Differential Probes 070-9899-01
9 Tektronix 50 Ohm Oscilloscopes, P6156 070-6430-00
10 Tektronix Same as Above Same as Above
11 Tektronix 020-2053-00
12 Tektronix SD 14 B010579
13 Tektronix DSA Probe, P6204 B012993
14 Tektronix FET Probe, P6217 063-1382-00 319958
15 Tektronix Current Probes 004-0435-00
21 Tektronix C-50/C-70 Series Cameras 122-0926-00
23 Tektronix Dual Trace Amplifier, 7A26 B128541
24 Tektronix Dual Trace Amplifier, 7A26 B128589
25 Tektronix Dual Time Base, 7B53A B171004
27 Tektronix TDR-Sampler, 7S12 B152616
31 Tektronix 004-0435-00
38 Tektronix 7623A Oscilloscope
56 Tektronix Logic Scope, TLS 216 B010298 379361
57 Tektronix Digitizing Signal Analyzer, DSA 602 B010227 379362
58 Tektronix Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, 11801A B010451 379363
59 Tektronix Accessory Electrical and Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment, P6204 B012995
67 Tektronix Programmable Digitizer, 7912AD B111373
69 Tektronix Digital Real Time Oscilloscope, TDS 684B B010730 380590
79 Tektronix Oscilloscope, 7854 040-0943-00 379364
82 Tektronix Logic Verifier, LV-500 B010193 379373
84 Tektronix Oscilloscope, 7633 040-0953-00 379387
54 Tektronix Oscilloscope, (either 475A or DM 44 ; I'm not sure on this one) B025144 379385
6 US Robotics V.32 bis FAX with ASL 0001870001506914
5 VARIAC Autotransformer
22 Wavetek 50 MHz Pulse/Function Generator
70 Wavetek 50 MHz Function Generator 765755
40 Zeiss Microscope 379275

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