A Gigabit Testbed for Radiation Treatment Planning

was a multidisciplinary project involving BellSouth, GTE, MCNC, North Carolina State University under contract to MCNC, and three organizations within the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: The Graphics and Image Laboratory; the Microelectronic Systems Laboratory, both in the Department of Computer Science; and the Department of Radiation Oncology.

The scope of the project included research in communications, graphics, and medical applications and featured a gigabit testbed network. VISTAnet was structured to help determine whether networks based on rapidly emerging public network standards could meet the challenges of gigabit networking and help provide input and information regarding specifications of the standards themselves. The gigabit testbed that was constructed provided a foundation for ongoing research in the science and technology of very high speed wide-area networking.

Last Updated 19 January 1996
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