A Proteus Solution for the Geometric Region Server

- Revised: Mon Feb 7 09:13:01 1994 by nyland@cs.unc.edu

As part of the ProtoTech program, ONR and NSWC set up a prototyping experiment to determine the value of formally prototyping software with specific regard to building software systems for the destroyer fleet to be deployed in 2003. As one of the ProtoTech members, the Proteus developers agreed to participate in the experiment. It took place in November 1993. Other participants were NYU, Yale, Stanford-TRW, ISI, and NSWC. Ralph Wachter of ONR also gave it a go.

The experiment was to develop a geometric region-server. This is a real-time process that takes in radar and region information and reports which radar images are in what regions. Presumably, this information is fed to a tactical aid that will determine which of the interactions requires attention.

The Proteus Implementation(s)

A directory exists with a report, and three Proteus implementations. There is a README file explaining what is in the additional files.

The Proteus language is described completely in the reference manual.