WinEdt Installation Notice:

(created by Ruigang Yang, Sept. 16, 2001)

WinEdt ( is a native editor and shell for MS Windows with a strong predisposition towards the creation of [La]TeX documents. The STC group has a purchased a 10-user site license of this software. STC group members are encouraged to use WinEdt as the authoring tool for writing technical papers and reports, in the manner complied with the license agreement, as described below:

Site License: issued in the name of a Department or Organization. A site license entitles the holder to use WinEdt within the licensed site, according to the number of machines/ terminals running, and/ or the number of users operating, the program. The license does not extend to cover the home use for the individuals affiliated with the organization. A Site license has no expiry date and entitles the holder to competitive upgrades and future releases of WinEdt.

A network version of WinEdt is installed in \\snap-stc1\OOTFshare\Library\Software\Windows\WinEdt

To use it, simply map the shared driver and run the main executable (winedt.exe) from there. When you first use it, you will be asked to create a personal profile, please follow the on-screen instructions.

Working With Latex

Several other software packages are needed to create Latex Document on your PC. Please following the follow steps
  1. Install Ghostview (available at \\snap-stc1\OOTFshare\Library\Software\Windows\Installation\gs700w32.exe)
  2. Install GSview (available at \\snap-stc1\OOTFshare\Library\Software\Windows\Installation\gsv40w32.exe.)
  3. Optional: Install MikTex (available at \\snap-stc1\OOTFshare\Library\Software\Windows\Installation\MikTex-install). The complete MikTex package is huge (500 MB). If you want to save some space on your local disc, you can use the pre-installed  MikTex package in ... by customizing WinEdt's startup macro (Options-->Configurations--> startup macro). Details can be found in Help-->Configuration Wizard --> Tex --> Fixing the startup macro.
Ok, finally, you are good to go. WinEdt provides a seamless front-end to these programs. With it, the creation of professional looking technical report is like a breeze. Give it a try, I bet you will like it.