Getting Started with the PhotoResearch PR-705/715 Spectroradiometer

Our Unit
Model:                                      PR-715
S/N:                                          75992001
Firmware Version:                 1.5.6
Apertures:                               2, 1/2, 1/8 deg
Options:                                   Calibrated Cosine Receptor, CCD Camera with adapter



PR-705/715 SpectraScan Instruction Manual (1999, #9903-0006-40 Rev C)

PR-705/715 Appendices

            Appendix A – Remote Mode Operations  (original command document we got)

            Appendix B – GPIB-232 Interface

            Appendix C – IS-700 Integrating Sphere

            Appendix D – Error Codes

            Appendix E – External Trigger

            Appendix F – CR-55 Cosine Receptor

            Appendix G – Specifications

            Appendix H – Battery Pack

            Appendix I – FP-55 Fiber Optics Probe

            Appendix J – LR-55 LED Receptor


SpectraWin (PC-based application for making measurements)


            Our original software distribution includes SpectraWin V1.14 (3 diskettes) and a Registration diskette.

            (these are now in our product file cabinet).


            In Nov 2004, Towles downloaded a new version from PhotoResearch and successfully used it in Windows 2000.

            I could not get it to run under Windows XP, but did not at the time have the 48-character license (see our password file).


            SpectraWin V1.34

            Original Registration V1.14 for S/N 75992001 (came on floppy)

Cost to upgrade to SpectraWin 2.x has been quoted at $1250, (Nov 2004)


            48-character License (see our password file)


            Tips on making SpectaWin work.

1.       Turn on instrument and let it complete the warm-up period.

2.       Press the FWD button on the instrument so you can get a remote connection to be accepted.

3.       Test the connection with HyperTerminal (9600,8,1,No, Hardware), VT100 emulation, echo local

·         Type PR715

·         Test light panel control with B0, B1, B2, B3 commands (see remote mode operation appendix)

·         Disconnect with Q command

4.       Now run SpectraWin (you cannot gather real data in the demo mode)


Software Downloads (see our password file for directions)

            Local Download Directory



Writing an Application that talks to the spectroradiometer

The following are just a few notes and information about our experience with the SpectraScan 715.
Jeremy Wendt and Bill Baxter.
Getting Started.
Sample Code.
White Reference.


SpectraWin on Linux, Chris Ashworth


Instrument Recalibration (Nov 2004)

Cost to calibrate instrument has been quoted at $2600 for 3 apertures.