Emerging Display Technologies

Workshop Series



The EDT workshop series was started by Andreas Simon, Greg Welch, and Mark Bolas in 2005. EDT IPT 2008 will be the fourth in a successful series of EDT workshops dedicated to new and innovative display technologies, and the 11th in a successful series of IPT workshops dedicated to immersive projection. EDT IPT 2008 is being organized by Dirk Reiners (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and Laura Arns (Envision Center for Data Perceptualization at Purdue University). EDT 2007 was the third "Emerging Display Technologies" workshop. It was organized by Carolina Cruz-Neira (LITE) and Dirk Reiners (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), in association with ACM SIGGRAPH 2007. EDT 2006 was the second "Emerging Display Technologies" workshop. Both the 2006 offering (affiliated with IEEE VR 2006) and the 2005 workshop (affiliated with IEEE VR 2005) were very successful, with attendees enjoying a full day of technical presentations, invite talks, and spirited panel discussions. See above for copies of the proceedings.

Contact Information

Andreas Simon (HGK/FHNW)

Greg Welch (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Mark Bolas (University of Southern California and Fakespace Labs)


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