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    B.S./M.S. Combined Program

    Are you a current B.S. Computer Science major interested in getting an M.S.? We now have a program that may allow you to complete the course of studies for a B.S. AND M.S. in as few as 5 years!

    While there are many people for whom this will be a good match, it will not suit everyone. We expect the program to be especially attractive for students intending to go into industry who would like the more in-depth knowledge that an MS program offers and students coming in with advanced standing. However, there are many students who will find this attractive and it is a personal decision that you will want to consider.

    The requirements for both degrees remain the same. The primary benefit of the program is a significantly simplified and expedited admissions process into the M.S. program.

    We strongly recommend you discuss the option with your CS adviser. The purpose of this page is to give you the basic information that you need to decide whether to apply for the program and how to apply.

    Information Session 2014 presentation


    Academic Requirements

    • You need a major GPA of 3.2 and an overall GPA of 3.0. The major GPA includes all courses that are required of the major, both prerequisites and courses for the major.
    • To give us the ability to assess your work and for you to be comfortable that you want a master's degree, you must have completed at least SEVEN Computer Science courses at the 400-level or higher by the end of your junior year. This can include both required and distribution courses for your major.

    Admissions Process

    Application to the program will be in the spring semester of your junior year. The application materials are to be submitted to Graduate Student Services by the beginning of the fall registration period. The decision on admission will be made before the end of classes.

    Application to the BS/MS program

    Required admissions materials are

    • Name, PID and contact information
    • Names of two CS faculty members who will serve as your primary references. The admissions committee may choose to contact any other faculty member as well.
    • A personal statement of purpose, maximum one page, that explains your objectives in pursuing the MS degree.
    • Resume with work experience, activities, honors, etc.

    Course Recommendations

    • In order to help you decide whether this program is right for you, we encourage you to take a 600 or higher computer science course during the fall semester of your senior year.
    • The graduate school will allow you to carry over up to three courses that do not count toward any of your B.S. requirements (including the 120 credits). The department will accept courses in which you have received a minimum of a B.  In order to distribute the work load across the five years, we recommend that you take maximal advantage of this opportunity.
    • When planning the courses that you take to satisfy the distribution requirement for your B.S., you should consider the background content expected on incoming graduate students. The information can be found under Background Preparation on the Master of Science Official Degree Requirements page.
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