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    Graduate Student Tuition

    The in-state tuition portion of a student's tuition is paid by the source of their salary support. The out-of-state portion of their tuition is normally paid from the department's tuition remission allocation. Students are responsible for paying the cost of student fees (these charges are not allowable against grants).

    For proposal budget purposes, please use the following:

    AY 13-14 $4,171.50 per semester $8,343.00 per AY
    AY 14-15 $4,338.00 per semester*

    $8,676.00 per AY *

    AY 15-16 $4,512.00 per semester* $9,024.00 per AY *

    *Inflated by 4% of previous year. This is an estimate as tuition rates are set annually by the NC Legislature.

    For information on current academic year rates, see

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