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    Policy on Supervision and Mentoring of Graduate Student Instructors

    Whenever a graduate student is assigned as the instructor of a fall or spring semester course (procedures for summer course evaluations are already in place) a member of the regular teaching faculty familiar with the course material will be assigned as a mentor. The mentor will advise and support the student instructor during the course and will prepare a written evaluation of the student instructor's performance after the course ends.


    1. The Associate Chairman for Academic Affairs will assign a faculty mentor to each student instructor.
    2. The mentor will provide advice and support to the student instructor before and during the course, being careful not to thwart the intent of the department's Teaching Requirement, that the student instructor have charge of all aspects of the course.
    3. During the course, the mentor should act to gather sufficient information to write a cogent and useful critique of the student instructor at the end of the course. This information may be acquired by classroom visits, reviewing homework assignments, test, and class handouts, discussions with the student instructor or with students in the class, questionnaires provided to the students (e.g. the Carolina Course Review), or other methods devised by the mentor. The final critique should be delivered to the student and to the student's file.
    4. A mentor's written teaching review is required of all student instructors, whether or not they are using this teaching experience to satisfy the teaching requirement.
    5. In the last week of the course, the Student Services Coordinator will provide the mentor with a form for certifying satisfaction of the Teaching Requirement for all student instructors who are satisfying the requirement. The mentor's review may be entered on the form or attached to it.
    6. The Carolina Course Review will be used by all student-taught courses whenever it is appropriate. The mentor may examine the CCR forms before they are sent to the Center for Teaching and Learning since the statistical reports from them are usually long-delayed.
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