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    Purging Class Rolls Policy

    In courses that are filled to capacity or near so, the instructor may purge the roll of students who are absent from both of the first two meetings of the course and who do not indicate to the instructor that they will indeed be taking the course in spite of absence for the first two class meetings.

    To implement this option, the instructor must record attendance in the first two meetings of the course (circulation of a copy of the class roll is an easy way to do this). After the second meeting, the instructor (or a TA) should prepare a list of students to be purged and forward it to the Registration Coordinator, who will delete the false registrations administratively.

    The deletions will enable interested students who were previously prevented from registering or who were waitlisted to do so via CAROLINE.

    Faculty who plan to exercise this option are advised to notify the Registration Coordinator in advance of the beginning of the semester.

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