Date Class Topics Assignments Reading Assignments Due Additional Info
23-Jun Syllabus, basic info, jGRASP Assignment 1 Ch. 1   Late registration begins
24-Jun Overview of computers and programming languages   Ch. 2 (pp. 21-37) Assignment 1 Late registration ends
27-Jun Java basics: operators, expressions, data types, variables Assignment 2 Ch. 2 (pp. 37-end)    
28-Jun Input/Output, writing a whole program, programming style QUIZ   Ch. 3    
29-Jun Objects, methods, the String class, GUI I/O, StringTokenizer, file I/O Assignment 3 Ch. 4 (pp. 147-172)   Last day to drop courses (with refund)
30-Jun Relational, logical operators and expressions, if, if-else statements   Ch. 4 (pp. 172-end) Assignment 2  
1-Jul Nested if and switch statements   Ch. 5    
4-Jul NO CLASS       Independence Day
5-Jul Repetition: while, for and do...while loops     Assignment 3  
6-Jul Nested control structures   QUIZ Assignment 4 Ch. 6    
7-Jul Object-oriented design, classes   Ch. 7   Last day to drop courses (no refund)
8-Jul Methods and classes        
11-Jul Review for Midterm Exam     Assignment 4  
12-Jul MIDTERM EXAM (9:45am-11:15am, SN 011)   Ch. 8    
13-Jul Writing classes Assignment 5 Ch. 9    
14-Jul Arrays        
15-Jul Object-oriented design, review        
17-Jul       Assignment 5  
18-Jul Arrays of objects Assignment 6 Ch. 10 (pp. 609-638)    
19-Jul Searching and sorting   QUIZ   Read ch. 6 (pp. 302-328), Skim ch. 13 (pp. 835-915)    
20-Jul Advanced GUIs        
21-Jul Buttons and Events; HTML and Applets Assignment 7      
22-Jul Applet examples, Review object-oriented        
23-Jul       Assignment 6  
25-Jul Applet examples        
26-Jul Review for Final Exam     Assignment 7  
27-Jul Reading Day        
28-Jul FINAL EXAM (8am-11am, SN 011)