GENI-Tmix experiments on ProtoGENI nodes

In this set of experiments we illustrate how Tmix can be used to generate realistic network traffic. We used a fraction of the network traffic captured on the production link connecting a large university campus to its ISPs.


Traffic captured on a Campus Production Link

471 Mbps (average throughput) in one direction,

and 202 Mbps in the opposite direction;

4.7 million connections carrying 290 GB of application data


We used the Tmix traffic generation system to emulate about 1/30 of the above traffic on two ProtoGENI nodes. This input traffic used for the experiments in ProtoGENI consisted of 156,131 TCP connections over an hour-long experiment.

We ran several such experiments. Three sample experiments are shown here (Tmix emulation only) and here (Tmix emulation with 1 Iperf flow and Tmix emulation with 10 Iperf flow). Those links contain details and the results of those experiments.