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An efficient implementation of the BandWidth Inheritance protocol for handling hard and soft real-time applications in the Linux kernel

Dario Faggioli, Giuseppe Lipari and Tommaso Cucinotta

Workshop on Operating Systems Platforms for Embedded Real-Time applications (OSPERT 2008)
Prague, Czech Republic, July 1 2008


This paper presents an improvement of the Bandwidth Inheritance Protocol, the natural extension of the well-known Priority Inheritance Protocol to resource reservation schedulers. The modified protocol allows for a better management of nested critical section, removes unneeded overheads in the management of task block and unblock events, and introduces a run-time deadlock detection mechanism at no cost. Also, an implementation of the new protocol on the Linux kernel is presented, along with experimental results gathered while running a synthetic application load. We show the introduced overhead is low and negligible for the applications of interest.

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