NOTE: We are no longer taking registrations either via email or via this page. Further registrations will be handled on-site at the conference.


You may register by filling in this on-line registration form and submitting it, or emailing the required information to, faxing this information, or sending it by paper mail. As with any web-based transaction, there is some risk involved with sending your information over the Internet such as possible unauthorized interception and subsequent unauthorized use of your credit card data. Steps have been taken to provide as secure an environment as possible for transmitting and storing your information, but we cannot guarantee that this system is immune to all security breaches. Your credit card data may be compromized. If you have any concern about this, please directly mail or fax the registration information below to Linda Buss via the following contact information:


Linda Buss

E3774 - 550th Ave.

Menomonie, WI 54751

Fax: 715-232-6244

Phone: 715-235-0487



And please do not forget to make your hotel reservations (by Oct 29)!
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1. Personal Information

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2. Fees (in US dollars):

Workshop Fees (covers all workshops):


Nov 15, 2004 or Before

After Nov 15, 2004

Workshop (Full-time Students)



Workshop (IEEE members)



Workshop (non-members)




Symposium Fees:


Nov 15, 2004 or Before

After Nov 15, 2004

Full-time Students



IEEE Members











Workshop Fee: $

Symposium Fee: $

Extra Anniversary Dinner Tickets ($45 each): $

Extra Excursion/Banquet Tickets ($105 each): $

Extra Page Charges ($200 per page): $

Total Due: $


3. Credit Card Information

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4. If you are registered as a student, please provide the following:

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5. If you're ready, please...

(Registration via this page has been disabled.)


6. Notes

  • To save on administrative costs and postage, receipts will be given out at the conference.
  • Registrations cancelled after the Nov 15 deadline will be assessed a $100 administrative fee.