LITMUSRT Lunch is a weekly seminar focused on current work on LITMUSRT. It is open to all but geared primarily towards those in the real-time group interested in implementation work. Y'all should come!

Mailing List

LITMUSRT Lunch is coordinated via our LITMUSRT mailing list This list is also used for all other LITMUSRT work, such as reserving machines. All members of the Real-Time Systems group who intend to work on LITMUSRT should subscribe to this list.

Time and Location

For the Fall 2016 semester, LITMUSRT Lunch is held on select Mondays from 12:30 to 1:30 in FB120.

Fall 2016

Date Presenter Topic
9/19/2016 Namhoon Kim Getting Started with LITMUSRT
9/12/2016 Namhoon Kim Introduction to LITMUSRT

Fall 2015

Date Presenter Topic
11/23/2015 Namhoon Kim Overhead Traces
11/16/2015 Micaiah Chisholm Schedcat Tutorial
11/09/2015 Namhoon Kim Debugging and Tracing
11/02/2015 Namhoon Kim Debugging and Tracing
G-FIFO Tutorial
10/26/2015 Namhoon Kim Introduction to LITMUSRT

Fall 2014

Date Presenter Topic
09/15/2014 Namhoon Kim Overhead Traces
09/08/2014 Namhoon Kim Debugging and Tracing
08/25/2014 Namhoon Kim Introduction to LITMUSRT

Spring 2011

Date Presenter Topic
03/16/2011 Mac Mollison Middleware Scheduler Implementation
03/02/2011 Mac Mollison Middleware Scheduling
02/09/2011 None Planning Meeting
02/02/2011 None No LITMUSRT Lunch
01/24/2011 None No LITMUSRT Lunch

Fall 2010

Multiple speakers may be on the same day.

Date Presenter Topic
11/21/2010 Bipasa Chattopadhyay A lookup-table driven approach to partitioned scheduling
11/15/2010 Jeremy Erickson 64-bit Issues
10/25/2010 Glenn Elliott Device Drivers
10/18/2010 Guruprasad Aphale Schedulers
10/11/2010 Jeremy Erickson and Mac Mollison Techniques for Implementing Mixed Criticality
10/11/2010 Christopher Kenna Interrupts
10/04/2010 Jeremy Erickson Improved Tardiness Bounds for Global EDF (PRP Waiver Talk)
09/27/2010 Glenn Elliott Debugging In Litmus
09/27/2010 Jonathan Herman Processes
09/20/2010 Bipasa Chattopadhyay BIOS
09/13/2010 Glenn Elliott G-FIFO Tutorial
08/29/2010 Glenn Elliott Introduction to LITMUSRT

Other Topics

  • Linkers and Loaders
  • Synchronization
  • Timing Devices
  • Disk Scheduling (Guru)
  • EDF sched_deadline policy
  • Variations on Linux that call themselves Real-Time Linux
  • Packet Processing
  • Virtual Memory