I am a PhD student at the UNC Chapel Hill Department of Computer Science, defending my dissertation on January 4, 2019. I am currently searching for a position focusing on teaching at the undergraduate level.

Primary Documents

Additional Information

Teaching Experience

Graduate Instructor: Summer 2017, Introduction to Scientific Programming, UNC COMP-116
Teaching Assistant: Summers 2014-2015, Cryptology and Fundamentals of Computer Science, Center for Talented Youth
Graduate Teaching Assistant: Fall 2013, Data Structures, UNC COMP-410
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: 2012-2013, Data Structures, RPI CSCI 1200
For more information, please refer to my CV.

Class Preferences

Direct teaching experience with:

  • Introductory CS Courses
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
Research topics provide experience in:
  • Computer Graphics
  • Machine Learning
  • Physically-Based Modeling and Simulation
  • Sound Simulation


  • Ming C. Lin: lin@cs.umd.edu
  • Sanjoy Baruah: baruah@wustl.edu
  • Dan Schneider: dschneider@amphi.com

Supplementary Resources

Course material (syllabus, assignments, worksheets, etc). ipynb files are Jupyter Notebook files.
Course website on Sakai (Please email me to request access if interested)