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What I do for work

I was a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Department of Computer Science from August 1997 - December 2002. I've since graduated and moved on to Sandia National Laboratories where I'm working on GPU-accelerated visualization of gigabyte-sized data sets.

My projects while I was a student at UNC included the following:

Before coming to UNC I graduated from Northwestern University in 1997 from the then-new Department of Computer Science. While I was there, I worked on:

  • Neverworld - Web-accessible multiuser, multimedia virtual environment
  • Scheme48 - porting a Unix-based Scheme interpreter to Windows for the introductory programming classes' use
  • SIMGEN - self-explanatory simulators for physics education

My resume (PDF) is available. My publications are on a separate page.

What I do for fun

In my daily five minutes of spare time, I do the following:

Approximation of personal life

This space available for rent. Cat has dibs on whatever is left of my time.

Andy Wilson
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