Session 1 (9:00 -- 10:30).   Session Chair: Prof Kang Shin

Invited address: Ubiquitous computing for disaster response, mitigation and recovery. 

Speaker: Dr. Joel Birnbaum.   Senior Technical Advisor, HP.


Session 2 (11:00 -- 12:30). Session Chair: Prof James Anderson

1.       State-Dependent Deadline Scheduling. (Chi-Sheng Shih and Jane W. S. Liu)

2.       Scheduling Aperiodic Requests under the Rate-Based Execution Model. (Steve Goddard and Xin Liu)

3.       A Model of Hierarchical Real-Time Virtual Resources.(Xiang [Alex] Feng and Aloysius K. Mok)


Session 3 (2:00 -- 3:30). Session Chair: Prof Don Varvel

1.       An Implicit Prioritized Access Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. (Marco Caccamo, Lynn Y. Zhang, Lui Sha and Giorgio Buttazzo)

2.       End-to-end Fairness Analysis of Fair Queueing Networks. (Jasleen Kaur and Harrick Vin)

3.       Scheduling Periodic Hard Real-Time with Arbitrary Deadlines Tasks on Multiprocessors. (Srikanth Ramamurthy)


Session 4 (4:00 -- 5:30). Session Chair: Prof Behrooz Shirazi

1.       Analysis of a Reservation-Based Feedback Scheduler. (Luca Abeni, Luigi Palopoli, Giuseppe Lipari, and Jonathan Walpole)

2.       Queueing Model Based Network Server Performance Control. (Lui Sha, Xue Liu, Tarek AbdelZahr, and Ying Lu)

3.       Improving Quality-of-Control using Flexible Timing Constraints: Metric and Scheduling Issues. (Pau Marti, Gerhard Fohler, Krithi Ramamritham and Josep M. Fuertes)


IEEE RTTC meeting: 5:45 –  6:30.

Conference Reception: 7:00 – 9:00.




Session 5 (8:30 -- 10:30). Session Chair: Prof Gerhard Fohler

1.       Compiling for Fine-Grain Concurrency: Planning and Performing Software Thread Integration. (Alexander G. Dean)

2.       Low-Complexity Algorithms for Static Cache Locking in Multitasking Hard Real-Time Systems.  (Isabelle Puaut and David Decotigny)

3.       Cost and Benefit of Separate Address-spaces in Real-time Operating Systems. (Frank Mehnert, Michael Hohmuth, and Hermann Haertig)

4.       Soft Real-Time Scheduling on a Simultaneous Multithreaded Processor. (Rohit Jain, Christopher J. Hughes, and Sarita V. Adve)



Session 6 (11:00 -- 12:30). Session Chair: Prof Giuseppe Lipari

1.       Locking in Pfair-scheduled Multiprocessor Systems. (Philip Holman and James H. Anderson)

2.       Approximate Schedulability Analysis. (Samarjit Chakraborty, Simon Kuenzli, and Lothar Thiele)

3.       The Space of Rate Monotonic Schedulability. (Enrico Bini and Giorgio Buttazzo)



Session 7 (2:00 -- 4:00). Session Chair: Prof Hakan Aydin

1.       Formal Verification of Overhead Accounting in an Avionics RTOS. (Darren Cofer and Murali Rangarajan)

2.       The Monitoring of Timing Constraints on Time Intervals. (Aloysius K. Mok, Chan-Gun Lee, Honguk Woo, and Prabhudev Konana)

3.       Real-Time Embedded System Design for Minimizing Code Size and Guaranteeing Real-Time Requirements. (Insik Shin, Insup Lee, and Sang Lyul Min)

4.       Optimal Partitioning from Quantized EDF Scheduling. (Haifeng Zhu, Jeffery Hansen, John Lehoczky, and Raj Rajkumar)


Session 8 (4:30 -- 6:30): Work in progress session. Session Chair: Prof Michael Gonzalez-Harbour


Conference Banquet: 7:30 -- 9:30 pm





Session 9 (8:30 -- 10:30). Session Chair: Prof Krithi Ramamritham

1.       A Fast Resource Synthesis Technique for Energy-Efficient Real-time Systems. (Dong-In Kang, Stephen P. Crago, and Jinwoo Suh)

2.       Processor Voltage Scheduling for Real-Time Tasks with Non-Preemptable Sections. (Fan Zhang and Samuel T. Chanson)

3.       Maximizing the System Value while Satisfying Time and Energy Constraints. (Cosmin Rusu, Rami Melhem, and Daniel Mosse)

4.       Energy-Efficient Duplex and TMR Real-Time Systems. (Elmootazbellah (Mootaz) Elnozahy, Rami Melhem, and Daniel Mosse)


Session 10 (11:00 -- 12:30). Session Chair: Prof Joel Goossens

1.       Probabilistic Analysis of CAN with Faults. (Ian Broster, Alan Burns, and Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas)

2.       WCET Analysis of Probabilistic Hard Real-Time Systems. (Guillem Bernat, Antoine Colin, and Stefan M. Petters)

3.       Stochastic Analysis of Periodic Real-Time Systems. (José Luis Díaz, Daniel F. García, Kanghee Kim, Chang-Gun Lee, Lucia Lo Bello, José María López, Sang Lyul Min, and Orazio Mirabella)



Session 11 (2:00 -- 3:30). Session Chair: Prof Kevin Jeffay

Invited address: The Golden Gate Project: Real-Time Java in Space.

Speaker: Dr. Greg Bollella.  Senior Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems


Session 12 (4:00 -- 5:30) Session Chair: Prof Rabi Mahapatra

1.       STAR: Secure Real-Time Transaction Processing with Timeliness Guarantees.

2.       (Kyoung-Don Kang, Sang H. Son, and John A. Stankovic)

3.       Scheduling Tasks with Mixed Preemption Relations for Robustness to Timing Faults. (John Regehr)

4.       Dynamic Scan Scheduling. (Bruno Dutertre)