RTSS2002 Work in Progress session:

List of accepted papers


01 - Real-Time Stereo Matching System Using COTS Components

     Byung Kook Kim and Young Jip Kim


02-  Kernel Support for Reducing Cache Refills in Response Time

     Schedulability Analysis

     Juan Zamorano and Juan Antonio de la Puente


03-  Tie-Breaking for EDF on Multiprocessor Platforms

     Joël Goossens, Raymond Devillers, and Shelby Funk


04-  Some Misconceptions about Temporal Constraints of MPEG-2 Video Decoding

     Damir Isovic, Gerhard Fohler, and  Elisabeth F.M. Steffens


05-  How to Rapidly Prototype a Real-Time Scheduler

     Luca Abeni and John Regehr


06-  An Improved Schedulability Test for Uniprocessor Periodic Task Systems

     UmaMaheswari Devi


07-  Adaptive Proxy Caching for Web Servers in Soft Real-Time Applications

     Albert M. K. Cheng and Zhubin Zhang


08-  Fair Scheduling of Dynamic Tasks on Multiprocessors      

     Anand Srinivasan and James H. Anderson


09-  Scheduling Power-Aware Real-Time Tasks with Precedence Constraints

     Pedro Mejia-Alvarez and Hector Silva-Lopez


10-  Non-preemptive Robustness Problem is not Finite

     Aloysius K. Mok, Wing-Chi Poon


11-  An Approach to the Synchronization of Backup Masters

     in Dynamic Master-Slave Systems

     Ernesto Martins, Joaquim Ferreira, Luís Almeida, Paulo Pedreiras,

     José A. Fonseca