Comp 190-002 syllabus and rubric
(Subject to change)

SYLLABUS: The following topics will be covered; the exact level of detail depends upon how things proceed during the semester.

GRADING: The breakup of grades is tentatively set as follows:

Homework Assignments: Students are encouraged to work together on homework problem sets. ( Note that this says work together - copying homework solutions from another student will be considered cheating and dealt with accordingly. A more comprehensive statement on allowable collaboration appears in the Comp 190-002 Honor Code statement.) Homework assignments are due in class on the due date given. No late homeworks will be accepted. You must include a signed honor statement with each submission explicitly enumerating all collaboration.

Class Etiquette: You are expected to maintain proper etiquette in class. This includes:

Class Participation: This class will be far more enjoyable for everyone if all students come to class ready and willing to discuss the material to be covered. I plan to reward those who participate in class by increasing their final grade by up to half a letter grade. I also reserve the right to add a similar negative "reward" to those who do not observe appropriate etiquette in class.