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       Brian Clipp, Jongwoo Lim, Jan-Michael Frahm and Marc Pollefeys,
       "Parallel, Real-Time Visual SLAM", IROS 2010, Video

       Jan-Michael Frahm, Pierre Georgel, David Gallup, Tim Johnson, Rahul Raguram, Changchang Wu, Yi-Hung Jen, Enrique        Dunn, Brian Clipp, Svetlana Lazebnik and Marc Pollefeys,
       " Building Rome on a Cloudless Day", ECCV 2010, project page


Brian Clipp, Christopher Zach, Jan-Michael Frahm and Marc Pollefeys,
"A New Minimal Solution to the Relative Pose of a Calibrated Stereo Camera
with Small Field of View Overlap", ICCV 2009,Video

Brian Clipp, Christopher Zach, Jongwoo Lim, Jan-Michael Frahm and Marc Pollefeys,
"Adaptive, Real-Time Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping", WACV 2009


Changchang Wu, Brian Clipp, Xiaowei Li, Jan-Michael Frahm and Marc Pollefeys,
"3D Model Matching with Viewpoint Invariant Patches (VIPs)", CVPR 2008 (oral,acceptance rate 4%).
Brian Clipp, Jan-Michael Frahm, Marc Pollefeys, Jae-Hak Kim and Richard Hartley,
"Robust 6DOF Motion Estimation for Non-Overlapping Multi-Camera Systems", WACV'08.

Brian Clipp, Rahul Raguram, Jan-Michael Frahm, Greg Welch, and Marc Pollefeys,
"A Mobile 3D City Reconstruction System", IEEE VR workshop on Cityscapes


Brian Clipp, Gregory Welch, Jan-Michael Frahm, and Marc Pollefeys,
“Structure From Motion via a Two-Stage Pipeline of Extended Kalman Filters”, BMVC 2007.

M. Pollefeys, D. Nist´er, J.-M. Frahm, A. Akbarzadeh, P. Mordohai, B. Clipp, C. Engels, D. Gallup, S.-J. Kim, P. Merrell, C. Salmi, S. Sinha, B. Talton, L. Wang, Q. Yang, H. Stew´enius, R. Yang, G. Welch and H. Towles,
"“Detailed Real-Time Urban 3D Reconstruction From Video”,
IJCV special issue on “Modeling Large-Scale 3D Scenes”

Philippos Mordohai, Jan-Michael Frahm, Amir Akbarzadeh, Brian Clipp, Chris Engels, David Gallup, Paul Merrell, Christina Salmi, Sudipta Sinha, Brad Talton, Liang Wang, Qing-Xiong Yang Yang, Henrik Stewenius, Herman Towles, Greg Welch, Ruigang Yang, Marc Pollefeys, and David Nister,
"Real-time video-based reconstruction of urban environments",
in Proceedings of the ISPRS Working Group V/4 Workshop 3D-ARCH 2007: 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures, (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), July 2007.


Amir Akbarzadeh, Jan-Michael Frahm, Phillipos Mordohai, Brian Clipp, Christopher Engels, David Gallup, Paul Merrell, Michael Phelps, Sudipta Sinha, Brad Talton, Liang Wang, Qing-Xiong Yang, Henrik Stewénius, Ruigang Yang, Greg Welch, Herman Towles, David Nistér and Marc Pollefeys,
"Towards Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video", Invited Paper, 3DPVT 2006.