I work for NASA  
Some images of me at KSC (1993-94). First, in the shuttle bay. Behind me are the aft-flight windows of the space shuttle Discovery. Second, in front of Discovery with a few friends. I went to Italy with SAGE III.  
My SO  
My SO is  Dr. Michael Nelson  pictured at LANL, on Bourbon Street and lecturing at Cornell. Michael's new loves: his 1966 Ford Galaxie and 1966 Ford Fairlane
My dogs, Duchess (blue merle) and Bishop (sable), both Shetland sheepdogs and my cats, Egypt and Annie.  And for completeness, my mother's dogs (Maddie and Celie) as well! Michael has two cats, Simone and Zsa-Zsa. Simone doing her ET impression.
My family: The Austin and Allen families. Michael's family.
NASA friends (1999) Norfolk friends (2004) w/ Elizabeth (2004)
I am restoring my 1910 post-Victorian home  
My neighborhood is on the Elizabeth River. 
Exterior when covered in asbestos shingles and after shingles removed. 
Exterior restoration in progress: My neighbor, Margaret and I almost three stories up burning off paint with a propane torch and scraping. It's hard, ugly work...
Exterior restoration: 
The exterior as of October 2000
Close-up of the color scheme
Summer 2003...Finished!
Kitchen before and during: 
(you can see the beautiful heart pine floor that I liberated from underneath the linoleum in the latter images): 
Kitchen after: 
The Dining Room after repair of termite damage and radiator srtipped, painted and reinstalled.
The bathroom before, during and after:
The upstairs middle bedroom before, during
and after repair of termite damage.