Danette Allen's Publication List

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Maria Consiglio, Sherwood Hoadley, David Wing, Brian Baxley, Danette Allen, Impact of Prediction Uncertainty on the Safety Performance of Airborne Separation , to be published at 8th AIAA Aviation Technology Integration and Operations Conference (ATIO) , Anchorage Alaska, September 2008.

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Wang, X., Kotranza, A., Quarles, J., Lok, B., Allen, B.D., Rapidly Incorporating Real Objects for Evaluation of Engineering Designs in a Mixed Reality Environment, Proceedings of VR2005, Workshop on New Directions in 3D User Interfaces, Bonn, Germany, March 2005.

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Pre-Phase A Study Report for the Geostationary Tropospheric Pollution Satellite (GEO TROPSAT) Mission, NASA CDTM-10012, June 1997.