About Me

This is easily the hardest page to write on this site. I am a graduate of ULL in Louisiana where I am from and UNC Chapel Hill where I am now completing my PhD. I am 28 as of this writing and I stand about 5'10" (5'11" if I go to sleep with wet hair).

I love music. I play bass, guitar, and banjo. Before coming back to school, I toured the south in a rock band called Mission vs Madness. I hope to find time soon to play in Chapel Hill (4 years in this still hasn't happened).

When not working (92% of my time) and playing music (6% of my time), I like to play games (2%). Notice I don't sleep much. Niche board games (BSG, Descent) and overcomplicated simulation games (Kerbal Space Program) are my favorites, though I'll play most anything.