Brandon Lloyd

Department of Computer Science 
University of North Carolina

364 Sitterson Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175 
(919) 962-1787 

I am currently at Microsoft working in the Many-core Incubation Group


My interests include:

  • real-time generation of shadows for walkthrus in large, complex models
  • Scientific computing and visualization
  • Modelling and rendering of clouds, trees, landscapes, rivers, and other natural phenomena


Ph. D. Dissertation 

Logarithmic Perspective Shadow Maps, August 2007. 


Projects and Publications

B. Lloyd, N. Govindaraju, C. Quammen, S. Molnar, and D. Manocha. Logarithmic Perspective Shadow Maps. Transactions on Graphics, vol. 27, no. 4, October 2008.

B. Lloyd, N. Govindaraju, S. Molnar, and D. Manocha. Practical Logarithmic Rasterization for Low Error Shadow Maps . ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Graphics Hardware, pp. 17-24, 2007.

Practical Logarithmic Shadow Maps . SIGGRAPH Sketch, 2006.

B. Lloyd, D. Tuft, S. Yoon, and D. Manocha.Warping and Partitioning for Low Error Shadow Maps. Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2006, pp. 215-226, 2006.

B. Lloyd, S. Yoon, D. Tuft, and D. Manocha. Subdivided Shadow Maps. Technical Report TR05-024, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2005.

B. Lloyd, J. Wendt, N. Govindaraju, and D. Manocha. CC Shadow Volumes. Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2004, pp. 197-205, 2004.

N. Govindaraju, B. Lloyd, W. Wang, M. Lin, D. Manocha. Fast Computation of Database Operations using Graphics Processors. Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD 2004, pp. 215-226, 2004.

N. Govindaraju, B. Lloyd, S. Yoon, A. Sud, D. Manocha. Interactive Shadow Generation in Complex Environments Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2003, pp. 501-510, 2003.

B. Lloyd and P. Egbert. Horizon Occlusion Culling for Real-time Rendering of Hierarchical Terrains. IEEE Visualization 2002, pp. 403-409, 2002.

B. Lloyd and P. Egbert. Histogram Painting for Better Photomosaics. Computer Graphics and Imaging, pp. 174-179, 2002.



COMP 770 - Computer Graphics (Spring 2007) 



Spring Semester 2004

  • COMP 321 - Seminar on Teaching (Instructor: Steve Weiss and Fred Brooks)
  • GERM 102 - Intro to German (Instructor: Cyrus Shahan)

Fall Semester 2003

  • COMP 202 - Algorithm Analysis (Instructor: Jim Anderson)
  • MATH 221 - Numerical Solutions of PDEs: Part I (Instructor: Sorin Matin)
  • GERM 101 - Intro to German (Instructor: Janette Norfleet)

Spring Semester 2003

Fall Semester 2002

Selected Courses at Brigham Young University

  • CS 555 - Advanced 3D Graphics (Instructor: Parris Egbert)
  • CS 557 - Curves and Surfaces (Instructor: Tom Sederberg)
  • Intro to Maya (Instructor: Brent Adams)


I love computer graphics, classical music, and Italy (I spent two years there as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ). I enjoy waterskiing, hiking, camping, and volleyball. I also dabble some in politics and philosophy.