First Ray Tracing Assignment

COMP 770 - Ben Newton

The following is my submission for Assignment 2 (Ray Tracing 1) for COMP 770 fall 2011:
            My implementation is loosely based off of a ray tracer I created for a ray tracing class I took over 6 years ago from Pete Shirley.  That ray tracking class focused on global illumination, etc, and not on the simpler shading/shadowing models, so I enjoyed implementing those.  I did experience some issues in my implementation.  I struggled initially, thinking that the LookAt point was a vector.  It took me some time to get the camera pointed the correct direction, etc.  I also had difficulty with the Lambertian shading.  Initially there was a problem with my order of operations for creating the vector pointing to the light, and I was getting strange shading.  After I fixed that most things went smoothly.