My Design Experiences

Domain Design Role
Computers Harvard Payroll ComputerĀ  (never built) Architect
IBM Stretch Supercomputer An architect
IBM Harvest Data Streamer An architect
IBM MayDay Computer (never built) Architecture Manager
IBM 8000 SeriesĀ  (never built) Architecture Manager
IBM System/360 Family Project Manager

Softwares Melody Composer (Harvard) Co-builder with Wright, Hopkins, Gould
IBM Operating System/360 Project Manager
UNC GRIP Molecular Graphic System Principal Investigator
UNC Building Virtual Walkthrough Principal Investigator
UNC Walkthrough Virtual Environment Project Principal Investigator
UNC Effective VEs Experiments Principal Investigator

Buildings View/360 Beach House Co-architect with Nancy Brooks
Orange U.M. Church Fellowship Hall Building Committee
UNC Sitterson Hall Designed detailed architectural progam
Brooks' House West Wing Co-architect with Nancy Brooks
Brooks' Kitchen Remodel Co-architect with Nancy Brooks

Books Automatic Data Processing Co-author with Kenneth Iverson, 1962, 1969
The Mythical Man-Month Author, 1975, 1995
Computer Architecture Co-author with Gerrit Blaauw, 1997
The Design of Design Author

Organizations Duke University Student Government Wrote constitution
Triangle Universities Computation Center Wrote consititution
IBM System/360 Project Organization Wrote basic documents, case law
IBM OS/360 Project Organization Wrote basic documents, case law
UNC Dept of C.S. Organization, Procedures Wrote basic documents, case law
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