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CSSA officer elections
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CSSA officer elections
Managing the elections is part of the presidental duties.
Typically held during the last few weeks of the Spring semester (mid to late April).

Elections are, by and large, a formality. Typically, nobody would go out of their way to become a CSSA officer, and so it makes more sense for the officers to pick their successors. Each officer should think of who would be best-suited to replace him and nominate that person. The officers should meet and discuss the matter, and then, after deciding, post the nominations to dept news.

A week or two later, elections should be held in some informal way, outside the building or perhaps in some meeting room, with the possibility allowed (and announced) for further nominations. Typically, turnout is nominal, with 10-15 people (including old and new officers) showing up. A ritual vote is called, and after everybody is elected, people should go to lunch and drink beer. A custom started in 1987 is that the outgoing CSSA president should bring a beer for each of the new officers, and the old officers as well.

If anyone actually had a different nomination from those picked by the CSSA officers, perhaps the election should be delayed and a real electronic election held by some unbiased party, since the group that shows up for the ritual elections is typically small and not representative.

Finally, although it seems rather Orwellian to have the old officers pick the new ones, it really makes sense since the officers have a good idea of what needs to be done and who is best to succeed them. The election is a good safety valve to allow the process to become democratic should anyone ever care enough to make a fuss about it.

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