How to Succeed In Comp 110

1. Do the assigned reading before class. Go over it again after class.

2. Start early on all assignments. If a programming assignment takes 5 hours of work to complete and you start the assignment exactly 5 hours before it is due, you have no hope of getting it done. Why? First, if you absolutely, positively need to get on a computer - you won’t be able to. Your laptop will be acting up, a network will be down, a printer not working, etc. This is a basic Law of the Universe; they know when you are desperate. Here is some advice from students who took this course last year:

"Don't, I repeat DON'T, procrastinate."
"Start the assignment the day it is handed out."
"Don't wait until the last minute."
Take it from those who found out the hard way.

3. Come for help. Its why I have office hours. I want you to come. There is a lot of help available to you, but if get a late start on your assignments, it will be much more difficult to get the help you need.

4. Participate in class. With lots of classmates, this seems scary, but it is not so bad once you get used to it.

5. Think in class. Since we will not be spending lots of time rehashing the material in the textbook, you won't have to take lots of notes. Instead, you should be figuring out the material.

6. Review your class notes after each class. A good self-test is: Can I explain the material to someone else? Use study groups to regularly review course material.