UNC CS Deepak Bandyopadhyay

Current address:
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D 
665 Stockton Drive, Exton, PA 19341
Phone: (610) 458 5264 ext. 6621
Email : debug at cs.unc.edu 
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Hello, and thanks for stopping by my page! I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development L.L.C. in Exton, PA. I am working on algorithms for drug discovery, including conformational analyis, pharmacophore development, visualization and protein function inference. My work encompasses both computational biology and chemistry (bioinformatics and cheminformatics), and the common theme of this work is to develop efficient and practical algorithms to help solve scientific problems.

I finished my Ph.D. at the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in December 2005. The University is in the picturesque and progressive Research Triangle region of North Carolina.

I am finishing my postdoc soon, and am looking for a full-time position within the general research area of computational science, in particular computational biology and chemistry. I am looking within specific industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering and scientific software development, as well as industrial research labs and academic research units. I have put up the following application information online for employers: academic CV (HTML or text), research presentation (newer computational chemistry-focused PDF| PPT, older bioinfo/geometry-focused PDF| PPT).


Cheminformatics/Computational Chemistry, Computational Geometry, Computational Structural Biology/Bioinformatics and Computer Graphics are my main interests in the computing world. Currently I work in the group of Dimitris Agrafiotis at J&J, focusing on algorithms for drug discovery. At UNC I worked with Jack Snoeyink in the Computational Geometry group. Here is a description of my recent research, and here is a page about the software I have released.

My most recent work in graphics was with the STC Office of the Future group and is described here.


I had the opportunity to take challenging courses in diverse areas during my time at UNC; these are listed on my courses page, with links to my academic projects as well.

I taught COMP 14 (Introduction to Programming) in the Summer Session II, 2003.


Just who is this
Debug person, really? Find out on my personal page. Feel free to browse some graphics-related and other links.Finally, here is my detailed contact and schedule information.

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