COMP 730: Operating Systems

Spring 08, TR 11-12:15, SN 155

Prasun Dewan, Sitterson 150

Prerequisite: Comp 142 or equivalent

Distribution area: Systems

Meets programming product requirement: Yes

Project: Build the kernel of a distributed operating system

This is a graduate-level course on the design and implementation of modern operating systems. It will be assumed you have taken an undergraduate course in operating systems. The topics covered will be related but complementary to the ones you may have seen in CS 203 and CS 243. We will study single-processor, multiprocessor, and distributed operating systems; stationary and mobile systems, and hierarchical, object-oriented, and microkernel-based implementations. You will implement the microkernel of a distributed operating system, and create a distributed terminal service on top of the microkernel. As this is a semester-wide project in which each assignment is carefully layered on top of previous assignments, it meets the programming-product requirement. This course is a pre-requisite to Donís seminar course on operating systems. For more details, look at the web site