COMP 911 - Fall 07: Survey Paper and Presentation Recording

Date Assigned: Tue Oct 2, 2007

Paper Submission Date: Tue Oct 16, 2007

Recording Submission Date: Thu Oct 18, 2007


This assignment has two parts:

1.      Convert your survey presentation to a paper. You are encouraged to reuse PPT figures and parts of the presentation script in the paper. You are free to add information not in the paper as long as you keep to the length limits imposed by the comprehensive paper requirement. The deadline for this part of the assignment is Oct 16.

2.      Create a LiveMeeting recording of your presentation by Oct 18. You are encouraged to change the presentation you submitted as part of assignment 4 based on your additional understanding of the subject after writing the paper. You can record it in the class meeting or get an account from me and record it in a meeting scheduled by you.