COMP 911 - Fall ‘07: Survey Presentations – Parts 2-5

Date Assigned: Tue Oct 16, 2007

First Recording Due Date: Tue Oct 23, 2007

First Recording Review Date: Thu Oct 25, 2007

Second Recording Due Date: Tue Oct 30, 2007

Presentations: Tue Oct 30 onwards


The assignment due dates say it all, more or less. By October 23, submit a LiveMeeting recording of your survey presentation together with the slides in \\dewan-cs\deposit\911\survey-presentation-version-1. By October 25th, email me and your partner a review of your partner’s recording. By October 30, submit a recording of your revised presentation together with the slides in \\dewan-cs\deposit\911\survey-presentation-version-2. You are not allowed to change your slides after the 30th, though of course, you can change your script.  Here is the schedule for the presentations:


1 – Jennifer       (Oct 30th)
2 – Vishal         (Nov 1st)
3 – Hennadiy    (Nov 6th)
4 – Sashi          (Nov 8th)
5 – Jameson     (Nov 13th) I will tune in remotely.
6 – Stephen      (Nov 15th) I will tune in remotely.
7 – David         (Nov 20th)
8 – Marc          (Nov 27th)


Your review should be like a paper review - say what you particularly liked and disliked and give specific ways in which the talk can be improved.

When you present your revised talk, spend five few minutes, after the 45-min talk, explaining how you addressed the comments.

Feel free to ignore the comments if you think they will worsen your talk. Your final talk is your responsibility - the review is just advice!


Here is the text I emailed you on how to use LiveMeeting.


Here is a quick overview of the steps.

Go to Meeting-->Schedule Meeting
Put your email as one of the presenters

Make the occurence an "ongoing meeting"

Go to Meeting options

Fill a meeting id and meeting key

Go down to audio

In toll meeting phone number:

Enter the number of a phone that you can use hands free.


Under Enable Recording: click on "Presenter can record the meeting"... it defaults to "Disable in the meeting


Now you can log in using the email you get from LM.